Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Dream Art Studio

My Dream Art Studio:

  • Huge windows on at least one wall up to the ceiling. 
  • North Light coming from above and plenty of artificial light for painting at night if need be. though I hate painting in artificial light. Check out my blog post about choosing the best bulbs for an art studio.
  • High Ceilings
  • Room for 3 large tables and one large wall dedicated to creating large abstract paintings
  • Room for a library- sometimes I like to take breaks between paint layers/stages and reading helps me unwind while getting my creative juices flowing.
  • A dedicated area for my art supplies. Organized and labeled (I love organizing and labels!) and artwork
  • Room for a couch and a mini fridge, maybe a sitting area
  • Room to hold classes/paint parties
  • Large monitor next to my easel for reference.
  • Large desk with a Mac desktop and a good quality printer
  • Far away from any noise and distraction, preferably on the second floor.
  • Lots of wall space to hang inspirational artwork
  • Really good ventilation
  • Surround Sound 
  • Large flat screen TV, because sometimes I want to watch episodes of Peaky Blinders or Game of Thrones when I am painting
  • Oh did I mention everything is white? Walls, tables, shelves... I know I am weird.
  • Poured concrete floors
  • Exposed beams 
  • An assistant...

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