Saturday, December 18, 2010

Amarillo by Morning!

Well were are try this again. Last year we tired to get to Amarillo but got stuck on the Hwy right outside Wichita Falls in a BLIZZARD! We we locked in by snow for 9 hours! We spent our Christmas eve dinner at Dennys and got the last room at the Super 8. LOL Looking back now it was a great First Christmas as a married couple bc we will NEVER forget the ordeal LOL

We are attempting this again. We are leaving to Amarillo early Thursday morning until Sunday. Honestly Amarillo is pretty boring but its Js friend and Family that make it so much fun! I can't wait to get there. I am just praying my period doesn't start in the middle of all the festivities bc then I'll pretty much be incapacitated :(

Great Books I have read while recovering

Tired of Baby Food!

Ugh since leaving the hospital about two week ago I am still on pureed or soft foods. But even with in that diet still no dairy, no soy, no caffeine, no red meat, no pork, no refined sugars, no caffeine, no chocolate, no wheat, no gluten no alcohol. Basically I eat small amounts of chicken and fish (I think eventually these will also be cut out) with lots of fruit and veggies. BUT even the fruits and veggies have to be below 50 on the glycemic scale . Sheesh...If I have to eat any more pureed food I think I am going to throw up which isn't that big of a deal since the look relatively the same.

And honestly, I have endometriosis but I have found that I relate much better to Colon Cancer survivors, since the surgery is relatively the same. Taking out two sections of my bowels has really turned my world upside down.

I want to go out to eat! But there is NO places for me. Not even vegetarian restaurants bc they still use alot of dairy. At least we are going to bliss tomorrow. that seems to be the only place I can eat at. I should be their spokeswomen LOL

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Pray

How to Pray
TUESDAY, 31 AUGUST 2010 05:25
Here’s a helpful look at how to pray, that I got from a friend.

I think its all about where are heart is when we pray and how we pray..

Have you ever read Matthew 6:5-13?

How should I pray?
Be real-Mt 6:5;
Be alone-Mt 6:6,
Be simple-Mt 6:7,
Be thankful

The Lord’s Prayer Matthew 6:9-13. This prayer was not to be repeated, but to be used as a model. Jesus said, “This, then, is how you should pray:

1) Acknowledge relationship. v9: Our Father in heaven.
2) Offer worship. v9 May your name be kept holy.
3) Submit to Him. v10 Your WILL be done.
4) Make requests. v11 Give us this day____
5) Ask for forgiveness. v12 Foregive us our debts of ___
6) Forgive others. v12 as we forgive our debtors such as ____
7) Ask for Spiritual protection. v13 Deliver us from _____